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The solution is for clinics, polyclinics, hospitals, laboratories, rehabilitation centers, the health system, and professional organizations that want to introduce medical consulting in their business (insurance companies, pharmacies, veterinary practices, healthcare & assistance).

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What do the doctors say?

LittleDot consultation services offer consultations by phone or written inquiries with attached materials (photos, videos) with experts in different specialties. Our research has shown that over 50% of parent inquiries can be resolved through consultations over the phone. At the same time, the LittleDot platform offers the possibility of contacting a doctor outside their office hours, in line with the global trends of smaller or larger health systems in developed countries. We should also point out the consultation feature through protocols for certain illnesses which offers parents advice based on standardised questions and answers. It is also worth noting that this segment (e-health and e-learning, i.e. digital services) last year recorded an increase of around 350% worldwide.

I believe that in the digital age, we need to be available to our patients and their parents even in situations when they are not able to come to the hospital. Many of them do not live in Zagreb; they are employed in jobs where it is very difficult to get a day off to visit the clinic and they can also monitor the condition of their children from home. Some of our patients have mobility difficulties, use wheelchairs, have frequent seizures, go to various other treatments in their place of residence and we are glad when we can help them using telemedicine and reduce the number of hospital visits. Furthermore, some of the parents have difficulties in certain medical situations and thanks to our advice and instructions, they can wait until they are seen by their doctor. We can also assess the seriousness of the situation and refer the child to the emergency room in time. Almost all patients received instructions and advice by phone or in writing which helped them avoid coming to the hospital. I would most definitely suggest LittleDot to all my colleagues. As telemedicine has taken root in many well-known larger clinics around the world, I believe LittleDot is a trailblazer in this direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed to initiate cooperation?

In order to successfully complete the application process for cooperation, it is necessary:

  • Register a doctor account on the LittleDot platform via this link -> Registration
  • E-mail your CV and copy of the license -> [email protected] or just post them in your profile when registering a doctor's account

Is there a fee for participating and collaborating on the LittleDot platform?

There is no need to pay a fee to participate in the LittleDot platform as a doctor / specialist.

How does communication with users through LittleDot work?

Communication with users takes place exclusively within the LittleDot platform, regardless of whether it is a written consultation, audio or video call.

All communication with users is encrypted and in accordance with GDPR regulations and HIPAA standards for medical data protection.

Services can be provided through LD5 applications for doctors via Android and iOS or via web app.

Do users have access to my private data?

LittleDot does not share the personal information of doctors who provide advice on the platform.

The only information that is publicly available are your resume, profile picture and the languages you use. You can update this information at any time.

If you are interested in additional information related to starting a collaboration, feel free to contact us by calling the customer support number +385994735083